How to add watermarks to my images?

DpiApp can add watermarks to all your images in one click.

Once you have uploaded the images to a gallery, you can go to the gallery setting form, click the 'gear' button, toggle the 'watermark' item to 'on', and you are done!

Turning on watermark mode in a gallery will append your business name to all images of this gallery, when you share your gallery to a client, they will see a watermarked version of the images.

I don't want watermarks, do I need to upload my original images again?

You don't. If you don't want to attach a watermark to your images when showing them to a client, you can simply toggle 'off' the 'watermark' mode in the gallery setting form, and click 'Update Gallery' to persist changes. Then the watermarks are detached automatically.

If my original image has watermarks, can DpiApp detach them?

No. DpiApp can only detach the watermark attached by DpiApp, if your watermark is already there before you upload this image to DpiApp, DpiApp has no power to detach it. You can try Photoshop or other image processing applications to remove a watermark.