About DpiApp

by Finn Gao
August 2021

Why we wanted to make DpiApp

There are so many image sharing and photo sending apps, not to mention I can use Whatsapp or Telegram to send images, at the very least I can even use good old email. Why would I want another unfamiliar, not-so-famous, paid app to send a single image?

I once asked myself the same thing, why would someone use my app instead of email or message apps to send images? My answer is people, especially professional designers, are too busy to repeat the same thing.

Before getting paid in complete on a contract, designers are often at a disadvantage during a design task. An unethical client might accept the work conducted by the designer but claims to be unsatisfied or simply 'vanish'. Since he has seen the image and got the image file, designers literally have no leverage on carrying out the contract or getting paid.

To protect oneself, a designer might hesitate to hand out the work to the client before getting at least partially paid. But to convince a client to pay in advance, one has to win its own fame during years of reputable work. So a designer might apply some common techniques to protect the intellectual properties, such as handing out a low resolution, watermarked edition to the client for review. And will only hand out the final revision after getting paid in complete.

During my years of programming career, protecting the company's codebase is also important when working with a new client. We protect us by not handing out the source code to the client until getting paid in complete, we also require 50% prepaid before we get started on the client's task.

Protecting code is easy, but images?

Programmers can refuse to deliver the source code of a website to the client, as the client can visit the site by himself to check if he is satisfied with our work. But for designers who need to show the client what they worked on, they have to show the images. A lower resolution copy might work, adding a watermark might stop the client from using the image on his advertisement poster directly, but to do all these on all the images through all the revisions? God, No! Professional designers are tired of repeating the same thing.

This is where DpiApp comes to help!

We've made these repetitive works easy through programming, DpiApp can do all these for designers. Don't bother adding a watermark or adjust the quality of your works to protect yourself from unethical clients. Focus on your own design jobs and let DpiApp handle these boring tasks. Just upload your images, and send the client your DpiApp gallery link.

Freelancers are not free. We hope designers can get paid, we hope designers can get their work done easily.

And this is why we made DpiApp.

If you have suggestions on how we can make designer's job even easier, contact us, let us know what you need. Maybe we can add these to DpiApp to benefit more designers.