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Send Designs Photos and Illustrations to clients easily.

Dpi App is crafted with designers in mind, it helps you showcase and deliver your images to clients. Whether a draft to communicate ideas, or the final masterpiece to get jobs done, Dpi App is the reliable postman.



Free Plan

Dpi App provides a free plan for you to try out our features, it's essentially enough for a designer who has 1~2 ongoing design projects, no credit card required.

Easy to Use

Create a gallery, upload your images, share the Dpi App gallery link to whoever you want, and that's it!

Fast Speed

We use content delivery edge servers all over the world, opening a share link to view your images is blazing fast.

One click and done


Want to add a watermark to your images? No problem, turn on watermark mode and it's there on every image!

Image Quality

Don't want to hand out the original copies? No problem, with Dpi App's low-res mode all your images' quality can be adjusted on the fly. Whenever you change your mind, turn it off and your original copies are still there.

Activity Monitor

Our built-in activity monitor helps you track the gallery's activities. Such as whether it has been viewed, when it has been viewed, Dpi App can also notify you if you wish.

Convenient for your client

Secure Gallery

Apart from public view, you can also set you gallery private. Only the people you share your gallery passcode with can view your private gallery.

PDF Ready

Dpi App generates a PDF of your gallery automatically for your viewers to download, so they can draw their ideas on the PDF. Some spare space are already there for them to write their ideas up!

Zip Ready

Want to deliver all the designs to client? Dpi App generates a Zip file for you automatically with all the images of this gallery inside. You don't have to send the Zip file manually, your viewers can download the Zip file from Dpi App website anytime.

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Enjoy our free plan today.

With our free plan, you can use all the features we provide, no credit card required. Join us and setup your first gallery!